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Fall 2017 Quarter

Peace Engineering seminars Thursday 3/15

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Drexel Peace Engineering is sponsoring this week, that will be of interest to any of you who are free. Jerry McCann has over 20 years working with community partners around the world and will be visiting Drexel Wednesday and Thursday of this week. He will be offering two seminars/discussions: 

Operationalizing Trust: Building the Trustworthiness Imperative into insider/outsider engineering collaboration.
Wednesday, March 7th 12-1:30pm. We will meet in the 200 suite of 3101 Market (take the elevator behind the security desk up to the 2nd floor and go through the glass doors that are directly in front of you as you walk off the elevator).
Also, Jerry is also giving a seminar on Thursday at 2:30pm in Hill conference room (flyer attached) on Engineering through a Peacebuilding Lens: A Theory of Change for Engineers. 

Jerry’s experience is as a structural engineer, but his insight is applicable beyond that.  Please email Mira at: if you think you can join us for lunch on Wed so I know much food to order (and please also specify dietary preferences/requirements). Feel free to forward this invitation to anyone else you think may be interested.