Miramar: April 2015

The Summer Miramar trip is continuing to take shape as we are starting to get the final details solidified. Our mold design has been completed and is getting verified at the moment, and should be good to go by the end of May. We are also figuring out our transportation situation, and should be able to get a rental vehicle reserved in the near future. We will continuing ironing out the rest of the details with our partners in crime in El Salvador and will continue preparing for our main project this June.

We are also in the process of learning some basic Spanish in preparation for the trip. See if you can match up the phrases in Spanish with their English translations!

1: ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!                          A:Have a good trip!

2: ¡Buen viaje!                                        B: Enjoy your meal!

3: ¡Diviértete!                                         C: Happy birthday!

4: ¡Buen provecho!                               D: Have fun!


Answers: 1 = C, 2 = A, 3 = D, 4 = B