Welcome to Drexel’s Engineers without Borders page! Here you’ll find information about us and what we do.

Weekly general meetings :

When: Tuesday, 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Where: Basement of Creese, usually at Conference room D. If you’re not sure where we meet, please feel free to email Pratik Shekhar our Secretary at pratikshekhar26@gmail.com

Team Meetings:

  • Design Team: Thursdays at 6PM in the library basement
  • Tech Team: Tuesdays at 4PM in Crese Basement, usually Conference room D
  • Fundraising Team: Sundays 6:30PM in the library basement
  • Global Relations Team: Thursdays at 5 in the library basement
  • Marketing Team: TBD
  • Urban Tree Connection Team: TBD